Health and Safety

Health and safety

Important in most sectors, health and safety is an absolute priority to the team here at Bridgeman Construction. This is because in the construction industry, workplace safety can literally be a matter of life and death.

With so many risks and hazards on building sites, it is vital to implement robust safety precautions. Continual risk assessments must be carried out to keep our construction workers out of potential danger. We believe in placing health and safety at the forefront of all training and operations. Before any work is started on our building sites, rigorous assessments are completed.

The reasons for implementing precautions on building sites are numerous. All stem from one simple fact: Being a construction worker is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The various risks and hazards of building sites are numerous, including:

– Working from heights
– Handling heavy loads
– Operating dangerous machinery
– Being near potentially hazardous substances and materials (i.e. Asbestos)

At Bridgeman Construction, we do all that we can to reduce the risk of injury and work-related health problems to our construction workers.
COVID-19 and the new regulations it spawned served as a timely reminder that health and safety in construction is more important than ever before. No strangers to adapting to changing legislature, we very much view updating on-site risk management as an ongoing process.

Consistency is key in our overall health and safety strategy, with planning and preparation vital elements in our approach. We place keen emphasis on communication too, which is crucial in ensuring that all workers understand their roles and responsibilities on-site. We have regular training on a series of procedures designed to deal with potential hazards. All of our employees must participate in a health and safety induction, with regular follow-ups thereafter. Additional training is also available to those workers seeking to increase their knowledge and skills.